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Divine Jewel has brought yoga and meditation to the Redlands since 2008 and welcomes you to explore the wholistic benefits of classes offered in Wellington Point, Ormiston and Cleveland.

Optional levels of asana (posture) enable you to explore and integrate the strengthening and calming depths of yoga within your unique personal comfort zone.

Through ‘meditation in motion’ you are guided in mindful exploration of physical mobility and cultivating inner peace. The diversity and intensity of practice adapts to accommodate all present.

Our mindful practice suits classes to those recovering from injury, beginning students and advanced students open to the more subtle depths of yoga’s essence.

  • Mats provided (or bring your own)

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special offer

*Available to newcomers to Divine Jewel only - 4 week expiry

Yoga Class Prices

$15 per class - 6 class pass $90

(*Valid across all yoga classes - 8 week expiry)

$18 per class - Casual Visit


Mats & Props provided - All classes one hour duration - No Booking Required

Additional classes commencing soon...

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Monday Yoga

Friday Yoga

  • Divine Yoga - 9.00am
  • New Weekly Class - Ormiston
  • Commencing soon!

Saturday Yoga

Beach Yoga

  • Next class...June 2020 - TBA
  • Outdoors Venue: Raby Bay Middle Beach
  • Park at 100 Masthead Drive - Grassed area by the trees overlooking the beach
  • Special Price: $15 Casual - No Booking Required
  • Link to Location: Raby Bay Middle Beach

Monthly Full Moon Yoga

  • Next class Saturday 6th June 2020 - 5pm Start
  • Outdoors Venue: Wellington Point Waterfront
  • Register for monthly email invites
  • Special Price: $15 Casual - Booking Required
  • Link to Location: Wellington Point waterfront, South Park area
Full Moon Yoga


Monthly Meditation Circle





We can be free of suffering by paying attention to the light within.