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Numerology and Readings


Numerology is fascinating! 

It looks at the sum of the numbers in your birth date as a tool to enhance profound self-awareness and clarify personal understanding of your unique pathway in life. Its tangible logic appeals to those who prefer to delve into the head rather than the heart for clarity on their journey through life.

Each number has unique cosmic vibrations which indicate a great deal about character, purpose in life, what motivates, and where you may tend to drag your feel along! A Numerology reading reflects on your personal numerology to decipher where inherent strengths lie, where challenging issues are likely to present in your life and how to clear blockages in your future.

Additionally, by opting to look also at the numbers in birth dates of family members or significant others in your life, both positive and more challenging dynamics at play within relationships can be highlighted.

Awareness is the key to working through life’s many challenges. You will leave the reading with so much more clarity on who you are!

$90 per 45 minute reading

Appointments available in Ormiston by arrangement


Emotional Anatomy Consultation (Body Reading)

Ever wondered why are you in the shape you are in? Emotional answers this far reaching question.

Your body is literally your biography; your physical appearance is a combination of your conditioning, beliefs, experiences, diet, environment and genetics. Essentially it is a symbol of your deeper self, how you interact with the external world and what your unique soul wants to express in this lifetime.

‘Psycho’ means mind and ‘somatic’ means body. Through an intuitive mind body reading psychosomatic therapy provides you with a detailed verbal reading of your body tissue, shape, size, structure and posture. This reveals how mental, emotional and physical experiences have become lodged within the cellular memory of your body. The whole history of your life begins to unravel step by step, releasing unwanted buried memories and behaviour patterns. Deeply therapeutic, the process itself is a gateway to profound self-awareness and understanding of your personal journey through which your true potential for positive life transformation is illuminated.

  • Your session concludes with a nurturing chakra balance and aura cleanse (optional).

$120 per 75 mins consultation

$60 follow up session (30 mins)

Appointments available in Ormiston by arrangement.


Numerology with Tarot Readings

Through underpinning the ancient wisdom of Tarot cards with the tangible magic of Numerology, Jools intuitive flair brings clarity of understanding to your unique life pathway. A Tarot reading serves to shine the light of awareness on any crossroads and signposts presenting on your journey, and how to navigate them constructively.

Tarot cards are not about telling your future, fortune or highlighting impending doom!

According to The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, "The most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one's Higher Self."

$120 per hour reading

Appointments available in Ormiston by arrangement.



Be a light unto yourself.