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Healing Therapies

Julie holds accredited Certication in Emotional Anatomy Consultancy, Psychosomatic Therapy, Yoga and Meditation. Attuned also to Reiki, Isis Seichim and as a certified Angel Intuitive she draws on her specialised training and extensive professional experience to tailor a personalised therapy to your unique individual needs. 

Psychosomatic & Emotional Release Therapy

A professional mind-body reading combines Psychosomatic Therapy and Emotional Anatomy Therapy to empower you with deep insights into the underlying energy dynamic which determine your body’s shape, size, structure and postural alignment (or lack thereof).

In essence the 'issues in the tissues' of the cellular memory of your physical body will be revealed to you.

This deeply therapeutic process gifts you profound insight and rich understanding of how your personal journey has manifested as the body you are in...literally!

You will leave this session ready to embrace your innate potential to manifest the rich and meaningful life you was born to live.

  • Includes a nurturing aura cleanse (optional).

$120 per 75 mins consultation

$60 follow up session (40 mins)

Appointments available in Ormiston by arrangement.


Intuitive Healing Session

Feeling stressed out, drained, tired or at a loss of direction life? Retreat to your Self.

An Intuitive Healing session offers you a soul nurturing antidote to the accumulation of stress and overwhelm in your life. 

Book a session of deep healing through therapeutic consult, gently guided relaxation, breath-work, introspective reflection, visualisation and an array of energy clearing techniques.

You will leave feeling nurtured and uplifted by the radiant essence of your authentic Self.

$120 per 75 minute session

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Healing comes when we choose to walk away from darkness and move towards a brighter light.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf