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Listed below are some of the questions frequently asked about our various practices.

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What is Pranic Healing?

The health and flow of prana through our energetic system (chakras and meridians) determines our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Past and present emotional upsets and mental stress cause blockages to the vital flow of prana and impact greatly on our general health. In turn this affects our ability to cope with everyday life challenges or simply bring awareness of feeling “not quite right”!

Pranic healing works on the essential principle that all human beings are bodies of energy and acknowledges a strong emotional component to energetic imbalance and upsets.

Pranic Healing Session

In a healing session a variety of techniques are employed to clear and balance the energetic layers of one’s being. Techniques include sweeping the aura, cleaning away dirty or congested prana with specific hand movements, channelling prana to areas of energetic depletion. Emotional release work is supported by intuitively guided breath-work, inner reflection and visualisation.

The healing properties of essential oils and crystals are also utilised. Negative emotions and mental tensions are released to boost vital energy flow for a sense of optimal well-being.

Gentle Yoga – a gentle exploration of yoga postures. Mindful and intuitive guidance underpins a more spiritual and meditative practice to cultivate self-awareness, self-care and holistic healing. Finding comfort within postures stands paramount so the emphasis of teaching steers you away from striving to look better and towards a deeper, more feeling connection through your practice. Embracing the essence of yoga!

Suited to all levels of experience - great for beginners, those recovering from illness or injury anyone seeking a more spiritual flavour to their practice.

Family Yoga invites all ages and levels to come together for a playful exploration of yoga. From infants to grandparents and all in between, the slower pace of this class makes everyone feel welcome. The light hearted flavour of the practice opens the channels for positive connection between family members.

Suitable for all levels of experience – including beginners.

Julie is certified Angel Intuitive by Doreen Virtue although her intuitive readings extend beyond the wings of the angels to offer Tarot, Numerology and Animal Totem Guides.

Through a Tarot Reading Julie serves to illuminate your unique life path and shine the light of awareness on any crossroads and signposts presenting on your journey.