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Julie Stokell

Divine Jewel offers a plethora of tools for authentic Self discovery, personal empowerment & positive life transformation. A seasoned traveller of both internal and external terrains of life's journey, Jools delights in deep connection with like minded soul travellers on conscious pathways to optimal wellbeing, inner peace and joyful living.

As diverse as her extensive professional experience, Julie's qualifications range from a BA Hons Degree in Politics and French to Accredited Qualifications for all services offered through Divine Jewel Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Services.

The heart of Divine Jewel lies essentially within Jools' private Ormiston sanctuary, "Divine Mana". Situated in a blissfully tranquil nook of leafy Ormiston her nurturing oasis offers a local retreat for private classes, workshops and personalised therapies.

Additionally, weekly & monthly yoga and meditation classes are offered at select venues throughout Wellington Point, Ormiston & Cleveland, including Beach Yoga & Full Moon Yoga outdoors to enjoy the delights of nature.

Workshops and Courses invite you deeper into all pondered upon in the Great Cosmic Quest...


Yoga - Meditation - Mindfulness - Numerology - Astrology - Moonology - Emotional Anatomy - Psychosomatic Therapy - Intuitive Readings - Energy Medicine - Shamanism - Animal Totems - Sunshine and Rainbows - And many other Divine gems!


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